Contemporary Young Art of India: Part 2
Work by Another 12 Artists from various States

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Contemporary Young Art of India: Part 2
Work by Another 12 Artists from various States

Pinaki Gayen & Priyadarshi Patnaik

Featured Artists:

Aditi Aggarwal
Amit Singh Slathia
Bharat Kumar Jain
Deepa Rai
Golmei Gandumpu
Harmeet Singh
Karthik V
Posi Prasad
Rajeev Pratap Singh
Treiborlang Lyngdoh Mawlong
Vijaya Chauhan
Vithuse Temi


In autumn 2016, in Issue No. 69 (Sep-Oct 2016) to be precise, we showcased 12 young artists from different states of India. The response was overwhelming and the art works were new, innovative, with a wide variety of styles, syntax and promises of new directions. But a number of other young artists could not be showcased. Here is the second edition of work by another 12 young artists of India.

These artists again come various parts of the country. Their works are not only unique in the representational and technical aspects, but also their intention is to go beyond the conventional periphery in thought process or the selection of subjects. Their experiments are associated with socio-cultural, psychological, environmental and daily life issues. For instance, Aditi emphasizes defamiliarization, making the ordinary extraordinary, and Amit touches upon the surreal in his tree, with Bharat looking at an eerie machine world; Harmeet is reminiscent of Dali with his red tree and ants. Rajeevís metal spoon with remnants of metal food again manages to make the ordinary extraordinary. Both Deepa and Golmei show excellent technical skills in their representation of a woman and of dancers respectively. Karthikís graphic cityscape is excellent while Mawlong brings back nostalgic memories of India with his woodcut. Posiís tortoise is a world apart with rich colors and its own contextualized small world. Vijayís terracotta whirlwind of boats create a sea of their own, while in Temiís dream world a tiger grapples with waves Ė both elements of nature.

The visual experience is as varied as it is enthralling with rich new ideas and dreams. We hope that all of you enjoy this fresh treat to the eyes.


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