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Responding to an author
re-writing a canonical text

an extension of a dialogue
between that was

and is. Between what is present
and what is absent. The shadow of the writing hand
lingering over the text. And you met the evasive figure
on the white margins. Derek Walcott---dear Derek
to his fans---is absent/present in English version that can be
neutralized by Shabine who once sang from the depths of the
sea to “me”---a voice hardly Derek, yet Derek-like---that recorded
the melody in another song composed by a West Indies poet re-writing English.

“After the Storm”
The moon passing by opens passage to home
and see the classic lines:
as the deck turn white and the moon open a cloud like a door, and the light over me is a road in white moonlight taking me home
then you see how storm and sea and moon and reading can combine and take you home

a home on an island in a sea
that you re-realize through imagist poetry in English, in ways circular
leading you back to your nourishing roots, ethnicity, native context, and,
a better understanding of a colonized nation
from a post-colonial position. Constructing and de-constructing

past from present

nudging to future
from this moment of being
into the original soil, not an alien setting, imitating, mimicking
the stressed syllables, pathetically.

although we never met in person,
you taught us so well
from a distance!

Legacies of the empire are both light and a burden in a strange simultaneity
and need to be interrogated and re-imagined/ re-written by a conscious recovery
of the lost homes

buried in the misty seas---after the storm and falling of stars
and the finding---earth is one island among other stars.



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