Paul Melo e Castro and Cielo G. Festino – Editorial Part 1
    Paul Melo e Castro and Cielo G. Festino – Editorial Part 2

    Paul Melo e Castro – ‘Portuguese in India’
    Antônio Oliveira – ‘Júlio Gonçalves’
    Cielo G. Festino – ‘Vivências’
    David G. Frier – ‘Vaticínio’
    Edith Furtado – ‘Contracorrente’
    Hélder Garmes – ‘Furtado’
    João Cunha – ‘José da Silva Coelho’
    Joana Passos – ‘Mariano Gracias’
    Paul Melo e Castro – ‘Epitácio Pais’

Novel Extracts
    Agostinho Fernandes – Bodki
    Belmira de Baptista Almeida – Goiabeira
    Epitácio Pais - Preia-Mar
    Orlando da Costa – Manú Miranda
    Orlando da Costa – Signo

    Laxmanrao Sardessai – Poems
    Leonor Rangel-Ribeiro – Poems
    Maria Elsa da Rocha – Poems

Short Stories
    Ananta Rau Sar Dessai – ‘Vacshin’ (Play)
    Augusto do Rosário Rodrigues – ‘Zulmira’
    Epitácio Pais – ‘Nothing New on the Portuguese’
    José da Silva Coelho – ‘Gerolsteins Gomes’
    José da Silva Coelho – ‘Republic’
    Maria Elsa da Rocha – ‘Annasuya’
    Teresa Wolf – ‘Ali Abdul’
    Vimala Devi – ‘Future’

    Ben Antão – Lengthening Shadows
    Duarte D Braga – Preia-Mar
    Fátima Gracias - Goiabeira
    Lourdes da Costa Rodrigues – Bodki
    Marise D’Lima – Casa Grande
    Viviane Madeira – Sem Flores Nem Coroas


Focus – Goan Literature in Portuguese

Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa that holds the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier (1506-1552).

Photo by Hema Priyadharshini, CC BY-SA 3. Wikimedia Commons.

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