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Jan Mudasir Gul

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Jan Mudasir Gul: The Pampered Child and the Obedient Boy

Vivek was the only child of his parents. He was born after his parents consulted every eminent doctor in the state and prayed at every temple and shrine.

Right from day one, he was not only the apple of his parents’ eyes but also given extra care and love by the family. No sooner did he ask for anything than it was brought in the least possible time before him.

In a nutshell, such were the pampered circumstances in which his upbringing took place till he reached the age of sixteen and demanded a bike which obviously was bought in the very first instance despite the fact that some well-wishers of the family warned them about its adverse effects on Vivek and subsequently on the family, especially his parents.

On the other hand, Subhash was also the only child of his parents. He too was born after his parents paid a visit to every celebrated doctor and prayed at every temple and shrine.

Bur right from day one, though he was given extra care and love by the family, yet he was also taught to be obedient. Whenever he asked for anything, it was brought only if it didn’t in any way spoil him.

In short, Subhash was brought up in a morally rich environment such that when he turned sixteen, he was an obedient boy through and through. Like Vivek, he too demanded a bike but his parents and elders affectionately made him realize that it could be bought only when he would turn eighteen and got a license.

Now Vivek, who had actually demanded the bike for attending school and tuition, was always ready to ride it for pleasure at every possible opportunity. In fact, he even managed a fake license through one of his friends whose uncle was working in the Regional Transport Office, Jammu. He also didn’t wear helmet despite having got one. Though he was fined several times for not wearing a helmet or for not following traffic rules (occasionally, even in the presence of his father) yet he didn’t bother about that.

Recently, in one of his pleasure trips on the bike, Vivek was riding at such a terrific speed that he lost control over his bike and hit an old woman who was crossing the road at a Zebra Crossing when the traffic signal was displaying red light. The old woman was hit so hard that she had been lying in the ICU for over a month. Meanwhile, police has registered a case of rash driving against Vivek and arrested him. The case was under trial in a local court which sentenced Vivek for two years for rash driving and six months for possessing a fake license. Even his father was asked to pay a fine of 50,000 rupees for his careless and inattentive attitude towards his pampered son and bear the entire cost of treatment of the injured old woman.


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