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Rajorshi Das

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Rajorshi Das


On Vasant at Nizamuddin
Devotees queue up with the usual incense sticks and rose petals
He hails me ‘Salam aleikum’
‘Aleykum Salam’
His kohl eyes sense
The nervous hesitation of my Hindu lips
The mis-worded gesture peering out of my mother’s green shawl.
The revelers descend
In fertile yellow
Khusrau singing for his Lord
I keep looking for his slender waist
‘Make space’ they scream at us
In pashminas and sunglasses
The qawwali sounds hoarse
The fingers out of tune
Clinging to decadence
I make my way past the fallen marigolds
Hoping to find traces of my ephemeral encounter
...or maybe forge a new one....


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