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Divya Garg

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Divya Garg

Amidst the transient and transitory
The perpetual conflicts of image and imaginary
For a mere phase, that is temporary
For the state that is transfixed
And the season that will not be missed
For a mere phase, that is transient and transitory
Such is the state of my mind
Or the concept of living and dying
For a mere phase, that is momentary
And then, there will be a day
When the final judgement will be made
All the trials will conclude
And all the mistakes will be paid
There will be a day
When the griefs will return
And the sorrows will shade
As the due course fade
There will be a day
When you will not be you
And I will not be me
Nothing will remain
And nothing will be in vain
There will be a day
When the tables will turn around
With the whoosh of no sound
Fate and luck would
have to dismay
There will be a day
When the schedules will decay
And only the deeds will stay
For all of us to pay

Contemplating and Collecting
The ever wandering thoughts
I couldn’t help
But wonder
Is there any point in pondering?
When it’s all uncertain
Is there any point in withholding?
Of all the grudges and hatred
Incessantly running behind
Through the seamless lies
That this material world ties
And if we truly leave something behind
All the big hustles of life
Regardless of their impact
Or if they really make one
When there is nothing in this stride
That we take along
As when we bid goodbye
For that one last time
Implicit or explicit
With glee, moans or whine
People just reminisce
The memories that have been lived
And intertwined
As we are purely defined
Through our deeds
For this or many lifetimes
In the ephemeral ordeal
That may create a footprint
Or may leave a void behind


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