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Anum Ammad

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Anum Ammad

In this secret yet sacred path of life,
Which is the most important goal to strive for,
In the brief day's of this life,
All the souls are caged in this mortal world,
All they could think of,
Is how to end this agony,
And reach the goblet of love,
Which is the only elixir,
That will change their fate,
And their hearts will change,
From a captive bird to a free falcon,
Their solitude are filled,
With the imagination of that intoxicant wine,
The one which will bring an end to,
This aching absence,
This is the wine which can only be felt,
In the presence of The Beloved,
The lovers are under this spell since forever,
Because our Beloved is omnipresent,
This is the spell which change,
Their state of melancholy into ecstasy,
And bring an eternal peace to the madness,
The madness in their hearts,
The one of the purest sense,
The one which has longed forever for The Beloved.


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