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Sukrita Paul Kumar

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Sukrita Paul Kumar

I lie beneath
fistfuls of red soil
snatches from potted plants,
the roots lying naked
Today they cover
my golden body,
as though aggrieved
bending heavily with
the terror
I created when alive
even with
my greetings
They’d seen me
digging  my teeth
with no qualms
into my game -
the human flesh.
Now they stood
in freedom
from me;
Akka cried her
soul out,
mine had
left this world
Hands stretching
for more soil,
every eye seeking
Akka’s attention;
Would she their master
be pleased with them?
Will she give them
a raise in salary?
Akka --
my second mother
They don’t love you, Akka
I lie beneath the red soil
I see it all,
Buddha was enlightened this day,
the day of my burial;
I see it clearly
how much you love
or don’t love me
You are happy
to think,
in your tears
they see love,
you are happy
to think
they see you 
soft inside,
on the day of my burial
I know,
I know it all.


I remember
two little moondrops
the dangling piglets of
hair knotted in
dust and scum
I remember
that dry rounded mouth
pressing hard on the
rolled-up glass
weathered and tired
It was a late winter evening
Was that a squeal
slithering from
the cracking lips
to a shocking pink
breaking into shadows of
criss-cross lines
pine needles
inscribing the
mythology of hunger
on the virgin sheet
of moonlight
Those dripping eyes
set in the beyond
of seven seas,
bathed in pain
melting in privacy
Now deadpan
now shy
but demanding;
That look
piercing into Time,
arresting traffic lights
to a beaming red
Heart to heart
that flicker 
to stay with me forever
She and I
A nameless universe
Behind us
humanity swarming
yet again
slapping boundaries
For the lights to
come back to their wits
red to orange to green
For the earth to find its axis
And now,
I stand outside
at the crossing
on every winter evening
my lips dry, cracking etc
amidst scattered moonbits
And she
sitting behind the
rolled up glass
into my heart
with the command
of the green light


Feature–Contemporary Indian English Poetry

    Editorial: GJV Prasad

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