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Shelly Bhoil

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Shelly Bhoil


These ballerinas,
the migratory birds
lift their toes
unfolding feathers
in harmony
to perform the sky dance
and exit the horizon
leaving behind empty-nes(t)s
echoing with joyous, envious
songs of home and return
for this solitary immigrant
whose path is chartered on
a seamless ocean
of individual drops

In the sprawling waves
of loneliness and longing
I drift between things banal
tv, tea, smokes and car
to the corner street
where someone's soot-clad feet
comfortably dislodged
from a card box home
shatter my ballerina romance

for I realize
home sickness is a luxury
unavailable to the homeless!



Because your the
looks an a to me
and vice-versa
so let us never mind
the possible preposition
of understanding
between us
that alone is
the bridge
from the kernel
of our birth
to the eternity
of our being
from keeping
the two sides merging
and from drying
the river of meanings
between a and the—
the indispensables
for either to exist
I dream of a poem
about words
without words
like a primitive thought
in the awareness
of language
then grammar
but a deciduous patois
at every step
on every tongue
dangling out
of aporia
once you step on
your God
your primitive thought
of the Universe—
a mega-poem
by the Creator
that fathoms deeper
than depth of a poet’s dreams
spread across the lengthy skies
beyond the bedlam breath
of our recurrent lives
I dream of a poem
about words
without words


Feature–Contemporary Indian English Poetry

    Editorial: GJV Prasad

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