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Joie Bose

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Joie Bose

Sonnet 1

Don't love me; I'm an addiction.
I will show you my world
Where I don't walk but fly,
Where talks of men and women get muted,
And in a low base voice
Only echoes of my love confessions resonate.

Don't love me; I'm an illusion.
A mirage in a desert of sand
And time will pass by slowly,
And your thirst will grow, you will scream
For a balm, for your parched throat
And I will just be a desperation, nothing more.

Don't love me; I come with a evil warning,
As all dark and unknown things do.
Sonnet 2

I love you to hatred; I will not speak to you!
Passion will plaster us, if I am your blueprint
And we will be the figurines on the mantelpiece,
If you are all that which you claim to be.
What you seem to be is what you are not,
And the heart can't be honest to this dishonesty.

I love you to hatred; I have chanted curses for you!
I have brought you down in my heart,
To be insignificant - a grain of sand and a wild flower,
You are dust, dancing in the light
And I catch you in my palm, lock you in me
For the heart can't be dishonest to this honesty.
How will I define hate when all I know is love?
How will I define you, when I know none else?

Sonnet 3
I see you sometimes groping at me in dark;
You. Me. Darkness. Sight.
I couldn't have lost you, you were never to be won,
You lurk in corners, where losers weep into submission.

I hear you sometimes whispering nothing's;
You. Me. Ears. Moans.
I couldn't have dreamt you, you were never my dream,
You're that stuff that makes nightmares.

I feel you sometimes raising prickles on my skin
You. Me. Shivers. Spine.
I couldn't have felt you, I'm turning numb
You the spark, that spreads forest fires.

I would have said, "I love you", had I known
What was love or you. But I don't, I confess.
Sonnet 4

Lets count the stars, it's dark now;
Let's just count nothing else,
Not the lies - the thorns that pierced us,
No, not that string of pearls, glistening in the cornea.

Let's not count one by one all the alibi's,
Those bouquets in those crystal vases,
Paint smiles on every eyes that look upon;
What else do we have left to give the world?

The sun set on us, our work is done,
Our flaming heat gives way to the cold.
All eyes will shut, sleep shall descend,
We had been, what dreams were made of.

We are in eternal night where memories glitter
So let us count nothing else, just the stars.

Sonnet 5

I long for the long tendrils of your mind,
That twist like hanging creepers and snakes
Of jungles where the sun doesn't dry the ground
And camouflaged mysteries whet the mind.

Ecstasy lies in the warmth of your ecdysis,
You slough your skin and I slide into it
You are cold blooded, you will murder me,
You are daily my beer and cider, my eternal cyanide.

It's a charade when I say I'm allergic to you,
You are the hallucinations of happiness, I have seen
I'm paying a penance, I survive on abstinence
You are a sin and sinner I, sinned again.

Poisons destroy the mind that love restores,
And the mind restores, a poisoned love.


Feature–Contemporary Indian English Poetry

    Editorial: GJV Prasad

    Abhay K
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