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Devdan Chaudhuri

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Devdan Chaudhuri

A Cold and A Fever
even solitude feels
like a crowd.
Longings of touch
invade the silence,
like a rush of cold winds
in a high valley
of peace.
The quiet sanctuary
is transformed
by the season
of winter.
The solitude changes
into loneliness.
The sky changes
its colour,
the nights
become longer.
You seek warmth in memories,
but only find melancholy,
like someone who seeks a refuge
in love, that has no future.
The old forest in the high valley
breathes out an invisible river
of vapours,
which can only be seen as mist,
in cold weather,
like those whom we have loved,
are seen in our minds,
at the times of solitude
that has caught a cold,
and a fever.
If You Have Ever Truly Loved
If you have ever truly loved,
then you cannot be cruel.

If you have ever truly loved,
then you will say:
You were the key
that opened the door
to my soul.
You took me
to a deep faraway
where a blissful eternity
was waiting for me
with open arms.
I would have never
discovered the vastness
that lies in my heart.
Without you being there,
I would have never
known love.

If you have truly loved,
then you would know
of the sea inside,
that reveals your
own soul to you.

The waves of faraway
wash your inner being.
Make you realise:
emotions are the root
of all thoughts,
which make us act,
in this drama of life.

We are our feelings.
We are our emotions.

We are travellers
into our own depths
of our being.

More you travel deep within,
more your consciousness

Your mind broadens,
when your heart deepens.
Your intellect expands,
when your heart grows.

Love is the boat
that can only set you off
in the journey
of knowing yourself.

If love hasn't changed you
for the better,
grown your inner stillness,
made you more humane,
love hasn't touched you;
you haven't ever,
truly loved.


Feature–Contemporary Indian English Poetry

    Editorial: GJV Prasad

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