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Editorial: GJV Prasad

At the end of each year, at the beginning of each, you hope the coming year would be so much better than the earlier one. So often, you are disappointed.

It is poetry we turn to when you are out of sorts, when your world falls apart, when you feel lonely and abandoned, when you feel the crowd, when you are bombarded with images and news of the planet brutalised and humanity becomes a curse word…. Especially the last.

2016 was another year of madness.

2016 was a year of poetry, a year for poetry.

While I asked some favourite poets to submit poems to help us confront our world, I have found so many new poets who make me think if all else goes downhill, we will still have poetry.

There are many favourite poets who are not part of this collection, some of whom I consider among the best. Some didn’t respond, some I didn’t contact. The future was getting me down as much as the present, perhaps more than the present, definitely more than the past. This is the anthology then to our future, some of our future poets, some of the people we will turn to, not just to cope with the times, but also perhaps to understand, to overcome.

Best wishes for a better world, best wishes for a happy 2017…

GJV Prasad


Feature–Contemporary Indian English Poetry

    Editorial: GJV Prasad

    Abhay K
    Aishwarya Iyer
    Akhil Katyal
    Amlanjyoti Goswami
    Ananya S Guha
    Arup K Chatterjee
    CS Bhagya
    Debasish Lahiri
    Devdan Chaudhuri
    Dhananjay Singh
    Gertrude Lamare
    Goirick Brahmachari
    Joie Bose
    Maaz bin Bilal
    Malsawmi Jacob
    Meera Sagar
    Nabina Das
    Nitoo Das
    Priya Sarukkai-Chabria
    Rajesh Kumar
    Ranu Uniyal
    rizio yohannan raj
    Rochelle Potkar
    Saima Afreen
    Sanjeev Sethi
    Semeen Ali
    Shelly Bhoil
    Smeetha Bhoumik
    Srilata K
    Sudeep Sen
    Sukrita Paul Kumar
    Sumana Roy
    Tabish Khair
    Taseer Gujral
    Uddipana Goswami
    Usha Akella
    Uttaran Das Gupta
    Vivek Narayanan
    Linda Ashok

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