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Thenmozhi Dass

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Thenmozhi Dass

Thenmozhi Dass


The sky is a white bat:
it eats only the night
it even spits the same.
Happiness sprouts_
on the foothold of nothingness,
its pinnacle is increasing emptiness.
The more distanced one is
love would be fonder_
this maxim is a needle's blunted hole.
My lifetime couldn't be gauged.
I have become the sort of imprint line of the future
I have worshipped and named death
that does not turn up now.
But what else is the current that is circling under the foothold?
When it kisses me
I would hang upside down
and my eyes would love the earth.
(Translated from Tamil by Mubeen Sadhika)

My mind is a coil-spring
With no magnetic character,
not dissolvable by any tart,
acidic vinegar,
too very light in weight an element
is my heart.
Pale-ash hued.
My density, melting point, boiling point-
Though you have found out the basics of my
age and stage
My heart’s testimonials
I have hidden inside a root word
Melting myself
I can get into another universe.
I am sweetness.
My body’s Number is four
My being is numbered One

(Translated from Tamil by Latha Ramakrishanan)


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