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Kavin Malar

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Kavin Malar

Kavin Mallar

Translated by Latha Ramakrishnan

In a great grand space
that is neither love nor lust
I am
Despite opening the eyes wide,
There is something which refuses
to fall into the visual space
and flits off.
The language that comes out
of my lips is alien.
Although I inhale the entire lot of air
from the space -
there is the feeling of suffocation.
Amidst a mixture of clanging noise
Banging against the ears
I wander,
seeking music.
Not even the music of loneliness
Like a primitive woman
when I eat bulbous roots and
the tongue turns sour.
And at once digesting
I empty the bowels.
I am ‘Kayachandigai’.
In the plains you can see my footprints_
They cave in and become valleys;
In the lips of those I met en route
I found nothing sweet;
Extricating myself from this
life of great grand space
I try to reach for the earth
within the limits of the milky way _
But, my passport of this
Great Grand Space has been lost.


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