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Sampurna Chattarji

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Sampurna Chattarji

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Logically graphically comically ME


I知 pathologically punctual

I知 ecologically bound

I知 biologically beautiful

I知 psychologically sound


I知 photographically ferocious

I知 geographically lost

I知 calligraphically contemptuous

I知 biologically crossed


I知 economically offended

I知 gastronomically glad

I知 taxonomically listed

I知 ergonomically bad


I知 multifariously nefarious

And multitudinously free

So repeat now as loud as you can

Logically graphically comically ME!



Just Wondering


Do tailors have tails?

Do sailors have sails?


Do novelists make lists?

Do chemists make mists?


And if they do


Are the tails straight or curly?

Are the sails happy or surly?


Are the lists long or short?

Are the mists cool or hot?



(From Sampurna Chattarji痴 The Fried Frog and other Funny Freaky Foodie Feisty Poems [poetry/humour], New Delhi: Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd., first edition June 2009)


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