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Harekrishna Meher 

Born on 5 May 1956 at Sinapali, Orissa, Dr Harekrishna Meher obtained B.A. Sanskrit Honours from Utkal University; M.A. Sanskrit from Banaras Hindu University (Gold Medalist, 1977); and Ph.D. Sanskrit (1981) from BHU. He also has a Diploma in German (1979). He had a very distinguished academic record with several honours.

A researcher, creative writer, critic, poet, lyricist, composer of songs, orator and translator. Writes in Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Oriya and Koshali languages. Published many Research articles, scholarly essays and poems in leading journals and magazines of national and international repute. His translations include tri-lingual (Hindi-English-Sanskrit) versions of Oriya Tapasvinī kāvya,  Metrical Oriya renderings of Bhartrihari’s Sanskrit kāvya (Nīti-Śrīńgāra-Vairāgya) Śataka-Traya,   Śrīharsha’s Naishadhacharita-Canto-IX, Kālidāsa’s Kumāra-sambhava and Koshali Lyrical Translation of Meghadūta.

Winner of several awards, he received Gangadhar Samman (2002), Gangadhar Saraswat Samman (2002), Jayakrishna Mishra Kavya Samman (2003) and Vidyaratna Pratibha Samman (2005). 

He joined Orissa Education Service in 1981 and has been teaching in different Government colleges of Orissa. Presently serves as Sr. Reader and Head, Department of Sanskrit, Govt.Autonomous College, Bhawanipatna-766001, Kalahandi, Orissa.

His email : meher.hk@gmail.com 
His website : http://hkmeher.blogspot.com

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