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You should treat a muse like a fairy.”
– Paulo Coelho

Dear Readers, Writers, Well-wishers,

At last the Mar-Apr 2017 issue is out, again with an unpardonable delay from a chain effect. We seek your indulgence for some more time before the process is gradually back on the tracks.

Coming to the contents of the current issue, we have a Feature on Tamil Writing with contributions from 12 writers, including Rajaram Brammarajan, Contributing Editor (Tamil Literature). The main thrust is on contemporary Tamil poetry, and the editorial by Rajaram surveys the contemporary Tamil literary scene with a rare insight. It is a pleasant coincidence that this feature on Tamil literature is coming out around the time of Puthandu, the Tamil New Year 2017. Our greetings to the entire community of Tamil brethren for a happy and prosperous New Year.

Charanjeet Kaur, our redoubtable Editor (Literary Articles & Discussion), presents 9 penetrating items under three categories, including an erudite exposition on Determinants of Translation, besides conversations with Nirendranath Chakraborty – a nonagenarian doyen of Bengali literature, and Rajni Tilak – a well-known Dalit Rights Activist and Hindi Dalit writer.

In the Poetry Section, you will get into the “penetrating thoughts and poetic feelings,” as Ambika Ananth, the Editor puts it, of as many as 12 poets with their “indelible hues and shades.”

The section of Fiction and Reviews, with Atreya Sarma at the helm, sparkles with a rich variety of 10 short stories – each “refreshingly different both in theme and also in narration, style and language,” and reviews of 9 books across genres – Biography, Fiction, Poetry, Literary Criticism, Non-fiction (including a Yoga guide) – by conscientious reviewers.

Interestingly, three of the books reviewed have Kashmir in the background – Encounters with People and the Angels of Hope (Poetry), The Tree with a Thousand Apples (Novel), and The Ending of Arrogance: Ksemendra’s Darpa Dalana (Poetry).

The reference to Kashmir brings in the polemical missile fired the other day by Farooq Abdullah, a contender for the Srinagar Lok Sabha by-poll slated for April 9, 2017 – that the stone-pelters are nationalists. If so, aren’t the stone-peltees the traitors? A grave point to ponder over. By the way, Farooq Abdullah was for some time a Union Minister, supposed to serve the entire country of India, including Kashmir.

Be it the Gregorian or the Indic new year, the ubiquitous calendar is much in demand. And what a variety of calendars you have! Art Editor Priyadarshi Patnaik along with his colleagues Pinaki Gayen & Gobinda Banik, makes a date for us to have a curious peep into the tradition of the Calendar Art through a fascinating photo feature.

I thank colleague, GSP Rao, for his help in formatting the Tamil Writing feature according to the Muse India format, and also in a few other aspects. I must also thank my young literary friend, Jasneet Kaur fromDelhi, for having helped me in editing the profiles of some of the contributors.

Now, spring up into the sumptuous and delectable fare – to smell it, to nibble it, to chew it, to ruminate it.


PS/NB: I request every intending contributor to carefully go through the Submission guidelines and meticulously follow them before sending in their work. 

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